A comprehensive and fun penmanship book offering much more than letter and number tracing. Includes coloring, mazes, dot-to-dot, matching, and other fine motor skill development activities too.


Handwriting Practice for Gritty Kids provides the strong foundation necessary to capably write numbers and letters. Because kids learn the most when they are having fun, this book goes beyond letter tracing by providing 248 fun activities to supplement the development of fine motor skills and keep children engaged, which further strengthens hand muscles essential for handwriting proficiency. In total, the book includes:
• Letter tracing A-Z and a-z
• Number tracing 0-9
• 62 pathway activities
• 52 matching activities
• 36 animal coloring opportunities
• 36 seek and finds
• 36 mazes
• 26 dot-to-dot

Your child will learn to hold a pencil properly with your help by using the ‘alligator trick’ guidance. Each character will be written 48 times with stepped-down instructions, initially following ordered line tracing and progressing to free form. To offer encouragement and persistence, every letter page contains an affirming expression that you can read to your child.

Supplemental activities are designed to improve dexterity by keeping a pencil in hand through increased involvement by a variety of offerings. Pencil control will improve as children play games while practicing strokes such as lines, circles, and curves. In addition, these activities reinforce counting concepts, build logical reasoning, strengthen spatial awareness, provide exposure to animals, and show various ways the same letter can be displayed to give kids a head start when learning to read.

Give your child confidence as they step into the world of writing with an included certificate of achievement that can be presented upon completion.

Educational fun.
Playful fun.
Developmental fun.
Engaging fun.
Hard fun.
Motivating fun.
Enduring fun.
Fun fun.


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